The Clan MacLeod Society of Scotland

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Society are to encourage all those interested in their heritage to meet socially, to follow up genealogical or historical, literary or cultural interests related to the Clan and to provide charitable help to members, Clanspeople or their dependants who are in need.


Each year the Society holds a series of events, which members are welcome to attend. The Annual Dinner is held each year in the early Spring. A Clan Picnic is held each year in August. The Annual General Meeting is held each year in November. Events are publicised on our Facebook Page, in the newsletter, and by direct email.


Membership is open to all persons having the surname MacLeod, however spelt; those who are descended from persons bearing the name MacLeod orconnected by marriage; members of or descendants from all Septs or adherents of the Clan MacLeod; persons with a genuine interest in theaffairs of the Clan and Society, whether or not they are kin of MacLeods.

Membership rates
Over 60 years: Senior: £10 5 year membership: £65
Over 18 years: Ordinary: £15 10 year membership: £110
Under 18 years: Junior: £2 15 year membership: £140

Please note, there are ten Clan MacLeod Societies across the globe, including: Australia; Canada; Engand; France; Germany; New Zealand; South Africa; Switzerland; and the United States of America. Please see the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies website for more details.

To join the Society

Anyone eligible for membership who is interested in joining the Clan MacLeod Society of Scotland will be most welcome.

Please contact the Membership Secretary, Lindsey McLeod, on: 

Dame Flora MacLeod
Ardvreck Castle, Assynt © Ruari Halford-MacLeod 1974.