Septs of the Clan

Many families lived on the MacLeod lands, in Glenelg, Skye, Harris and Lewis, whose names were not MacLeod. For instance of the 550 men named in the parish of Dunvegan, in 1746, only 110 were called MacLeod. These others paid rent to the Chief or his tenants and took his protection and acted as part of his clan. These families are called septs.

The septs associated with Clan MacLeod include:

  • Beaton
  • Beton
  • Bethune
  • Calum
  • Lewis
  • MacLewis
  • MacHarold
  • MacCrimmon
  • MacAskill
  • MacCaskill
  • MacAulay of Lewis
  • MacCabe
  • MacCaig
  • MacLear
  • MacLeer
  • MacLure
  • MacClure
  • MacRailt
  • MacCreild
  • MacCorkindale
  • MacCorquodale
  • Malcolmson
  • Norman
  • Tolmie
Ardvreck Castle, Assynt, built for the MacLeods of Assynt.<br />&copy; Ardvreck Trust