Clan MacLeod Tartans

Yellow MacLeod

The best known MacLeod tartan is “loud” MacLeod, illustrated on the right, a yellow tartan with three broad black bands and a narrow red line. The tartan was designed in 1841 as “MacLeod.” It is sometimes called dress MacLeod and MacLeod of Lewis, but it was designed long after the family of the Lewes had ceased to be chiefs. Any MacLeod may wear the tartan.

Green MacLeod

The other common MacLeod tartan, illustrated on the left, is a green, black and blue tartan, with red and yellow lines. The tartan was first recorded in 1831 but is probably older. It is sometimes called MacLeod of Harris, but any MacLeod may wear it.

The tartan can be purchased in dark, or modern colours; medium, or ancient colours, or muted colours.

There are several other tartans including MacLeod of California, worn by Chief John in his photograph, and Centenary tartan. More details of other tartans can be found in “The Tartans of Clan MacLeod“, available from Clan MacLeod Society of Scotland.

Six Presidents of National Societies, Chief John and President of ACMS wear four different tartans. Four are wearing green MacLeod, two are wearing yellow MacLeod; one is wearing red MacLeod of Raasay and one, on the right, is wearing a yellow tartan from a portrait of John Norman MacLeod, 24th Chief, at Dunvegan Castle.

Six Presidents of National Clan Societies in Chicago
John MacLeod of MacLeod